Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Creation of a Brand Personality that Stands Out

Does your brand have a personality? That’s actually a trick question. To fix that question, does your brand have the formal or spunky or socially conscious approach? Take this matter seriously because once you are able to identify it, your promotional campaigns on social media marketing Dubai will come in easily, maybe even hassle free.

Knowing and profusely defining the identity and personality of your brand is very much important to the establishment of your brand. However, whether you give the direct definition to it or not, some sort of personality, other times a variety of them, will manage to shine through; the trick is to just be aware of it. So it’s best to think about it now. Who and how do you want your brand to be?

Defining brand personality

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Brand personality is a set of emotional and associative characteristics which get invoked by a company or brand name. These characteristics basically shape how people will feel about and interact with a company. On a usual scale, a brand’s personality has the ability to mirror the personalities of the people who are in their target customer base. This is how of the effective means for varied designing companies with SEO services Dubai establish connection with their clients, both current and future ones.

The Kinds of Personality

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Before settling on a specific brand personality, delve in for a little research. Identify who you are, what the things you are selling and who are your customers. After doing so, brainstorm your options; think about the kind of voice that would best relate to your foundational base. Lastly, find the means to create and establish that voice. Having a brand guide helps in keeping everyone on point. It is also exemplary in creating a unique and consistent brand personality.

Furthering your efforts now, what kind of personality do you think is the right fit? Start by concretizing your brand’s story. Take it as if you were pitching yourself to a client, how would you describe your product or website or business?

There are about 15 common traits of brand personality types that boil down to the “Big Five Personality Traits.” This was first developed in the year 1961. These big five are namely openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. With those five traits come the brand equivalents which are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness. Almost every brand can be described as one of these five personalities. There are also times when they can be described as the opposite of such.

Personality and Identity

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In your efforts on contemplating about brand personality, don’t allow it to be confused with brand identity. Personality pertains to the emotional, and human, association to a brand. Identity is all about the image generated and used by a business company to relate to their respective consumers. With identity, it can include all forms of communication and visuals such as logos, colors or fonts.

This is where digital marketing Dubai make their mark for a profuse strategy. Knowing the kind of company that you have and how it can connect and relate with people are the keys to creating an effective kind of good working relationship.


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